Music we sang in 2018

Sunday, July 08 2018 Mattins
Anthem: We Bless The Father and The Son and the Holy Ghost (Reger)

Sunday, July 15 2018 Eucharist
Setting: Wood, in the Phrygian Mode
Anthem: Locus Iste (Bruckner)

Sunday, July 15 2018 Evensong
Joint Evensong with the choir of St Paul’s, Manuka, at St Pauls
…with a “Christmas in July” Theme!
Anthem: In the Bleak Midwinter (H. Darke)
Canticles: Walmsley in Dm

Sunday, August 5 2018 Evensong
Anthem: Never Weather-beaten Sail (Thomas Campion)

Sunday, August 19 2018 Mattins
Anthem: Richard de Castre’s Prayer to Jesus (Colin Brumby)

Sunday, August 12 2018 Eucharist
Setting: Darke in F
Anthem: Jesu Dulcis memoria (Victoria)

Sunday, September 2 2018 Evensong
Anthem: Round Me Falls The Night (Adam Drese)

Sunday, September 9 2018 Eucharist
Setting: Sumsion in F
Anthem: In Him Abide (William Harris)

Sunday, September 16 2018 Mattins
Anthem: The Peace of God (John Rutter)

Sunday, October 7 2018 Evensong
Anthem: O Lord My God To Thee (Arcadelt)

Sunday, October 14 2018 Mattins
Anthem: A Spanish Gloria (Stefano Vaselli)

Sunday, October 21 2018 Eucharist
Setting: White in E-flat
Anthem: Panis Angelicus (C. Franck)

Sunday, November 4 2018 Evensong
(Joint Evensong with the choir of St Paul’s, Manuka)
Canticles: Tons and Fauxbourdons (Byrd)
Anthem: Holy Is The True Light (William Harris)

Sunday, November 11 2018 (Remembrance Day) Mattins
Introit: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (Vaughan-Williams)
Anthem: So They gave Their Bodies (Peter Aston)

Sunday, November 21 2018 Eucharist
Setting: Missa de Sancto Albano (Willan)
Anthem: Cantique de Jean Racine (Faurè)

Sunday, December 16 2018
Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols